Belks Credit Card

Belk has made their presence known when they came on the scene with their own card for their loyal Belk customers. The Belks Credit Card is there for all of those who want to add some extra benefits to chopping the fashions that are available at great prices in their favorite Belk locations. With such a reputable store that became the sponsor of such a popular TV series "Project Runway Season 12" they really have received a lot of attention as if they never had before. They are quite competitive also with the points system and they seem to really try to help improve the savings while promoting sales by giving you the little things along the way

For example, maybe you need to go to Belk quickly and grab a birthday gift for someone and have it wrapped for the party. You then decide on just one gift instead of grabbing more than the one item just so you could also pay for the gift wrapping. As you approach the gift wrapping section you find out that because of your Belks Credit Card gift wrapping is free of charge. Now, you may want to go ahead and grab that second gift you left real quick while they wrap the other gift for you. As you accumulate points using the points system, you will also gain a $10 Reward each time that you accumulate another 400 points. You can then use the $10 towards more shoes or anything you like in your favorite Belk store or even online.

They also have something of a gradual process of moving through the three stages of their cards. You start at the Rewards level and to move to the next level of Premier you have to spend a total of at least $600 in a year. In order to upgrade from Premier to Elite, you have to spend at least $1,500 in a year on your Belks Credit Card. Also, for each of these levels you have to continue to spend the required amount in order to hold onto the card status level.

In the end of everything, great designer products will always cause people to spend a bit more because they love to look their best. Belk offers their Belks Credit Card because they understand that their customers are going to want to have just a little more than great products. When people shop at the same stores all the time, they will begin to want to know what's in it for them other than what's on the sales racks. Cards like the Belks Credit Card aren't for everyone. The Belks Credit Card provides some nice incentives but for someone who can't handle the payments they will be better off passing on this one. Checking out the Belks Credit Card is something you need to do if you are that person who really loves Belk and what they have to offer.